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Lovaton Farm AwardsLovaton Farm AwardsLovaton Farm Awards

2023 has been a big year for us with our awards, where we have just celebrated achieving 100 prestigious awards. This achievement acknowledges years of hard work for us, producing consistently high-quality produce from our farm.

Here at Lovaton Farm we know that our meat is delicious, good value and good for the environment, but you don’t have to take our word for it. This page lists some of the awards we’ve won over the past few years along with comments from some of the judges.


Lovaton Great Taste Awards

Great Taste Awards

2023 Rib Eye Steak and  Rolled Loin Hogget Three Stars
2022 Hogget Shoulder (Boned & Rolled) Two Stars
2022 Beef Topside,  Pork Fillet (Tenderloin) One Star
2020 Pork Shoulder,  Loin of Hogget and Sirloin Steak One Star
2019 Rump Steak One Star
2019 Leg of Hogget (Bone-in) Three Stars
2018 Beef Salt Beef (Silverside) One Star
2018 Hogget Shoulder (Bone-in) Three Stars
2017 Cushion of Lamb and  Beef Sirloin (Rolled) One Star
2016 Pork Chops (Bone-in) One Star
2016 Loin of Lamb (Boned & Rolled) and  Beef Fillet Steak Two Stars
2015 Braising Steak Two Stars
2015 Silverside One Star
2014 Lamb Shoulder (Bone-in) and  Topside One Star
2014 Loin of Pork (Bone-in) Two Stars
2013 Leg of Lamb (Bone-in) and  Beef T-Bone Steak Two Stars
2013 Leg of Pork Bone-in and  Boned & Rolled Three Stars
2013 Beef Rib of Beef (Bone-in) and  Leg of Lamb (Bone-in) Two Stars

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Taste of the West Awards Lovaton
Taste of the West Awards

2023 Rolled Shoulder of Pork Gold
2023 Sirloin Steak Silver
2023 Rolled Loin Hogget Highly Commended
2020 Apple Juice,  Lamb Mince, Beef Mince Gold
2020 Loin of Pork (Rolled) Silver
2019 Leg of Hogget (Bone-in) and  Topside Gold
2018 Pork Sausages Highly Commended
2018 Beef Rib-Eye Steak and  Hogget Shoulder Gold
2017 Pork Belly (Strips) Silver
2016 Topside Silver
2015 Lamb Loin Chops and  Shin Beef (Sliced) Gold
2015 Pork Shoulder and  Sirloin Steak Highly Commended
2015 Pork Loin Chops (Bone-in) Gold
2014 Beef Whole Fillet and Leg of Pork Bronze
2014 Loin of Lamb (Boned & Rolled) Silver
2013 Beef Rib-Eye Steak and  Beef BBQ Steak Silver
2013 Lamb Mince and  Loin of Pork (Rolled) Gold
2013 Rump Steak,  Old English Sausages Silver
2012 Pork & Apple Burgers Silver
2012 Beef T-Bone Steak Champion Product
2012 Braising Steak and  Hogget Leg Steak Gold
2012 Silverside Silver
2012 Pork Loin Steak (Boneless) Bronze
2011 Pork Fillet and  Steak & Onion Burgers Bronze
2011 Brisket (Rolled) and  Pork & Beef Sausages Silver
2011 Lamb Shoulder (Bone-in) and  Beef Steak Mince Gold
2011 Topside Silver
2010 Beef Rib-Eye Steak,  Topside and  Leg of Lamb Bronze
2009 Lamb Valentine Steak and  Leg of Pork Bronze
2009 Loin of Lamb (Boned & Rolled) and  Sirloin Steak Silver

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Food Drink Devon Awards Lovaton
Food Drink Devon Awards

2023 Hogget Loin Chops and Pork Rolled Leg Platinum
2023 Beef Silverside, Hogget Mince and Rib Eye Steak Gold
2022 Lamb Leg Steak Silver
2022 Loin of Pork (Rolled) and  Beef Topside Gold
2021 Loin of Lamb (Boned & Rolled) Platinum
2021 Pork Belly (Strips),  Apple Juice and Beef Sirloin Steak Gold
2019 Rump Steak Gold
2018 Hogget Shoulder,  Pork Fillet and Beef Rib-Eye Steak Gold
2014 Lamb Loin Chops (Bone-in) and  Beef Rib-Eye Steak Gold
2012 Unsmoked Back Bacon (Dry Cure) and  Sirloin Steak Gold